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Bourdon tube pressure gauge

  • Pressure gauge according to EN-837-1
  • Suitable for oil hydraulic and gaseous ones media that do not attack copper alloys
  • Available in size 63
  • Process connection: 1/4 BSP
  • Stainless steel housing (AISI 304)
  • Viewing window made of acrylic glass
  • Filled with glycerine
  • Color scales for different measuring ranges
  • Standard clock face with pressure information in bar and PSI
  • Accuracy: class 1.6
ø 63 Order key
Range [bar/Psi] Type R Type F
0...4 bar / 0...58 psi MG60004BSP14U-LR MG6F0004BSP14H-LR
0...6 bar / 0...88 psi MG60006BSP14U-LR MG6F0006BSP14H-LR
0...10 bar / 0...145 psi MG60010BSP14U-LR MG6F0010BSP14H-LR
0...16 bar / 0...230 psi MG60016BSP14U-LR MG6F0016BSP14H-LR
0...25 bar / 0...362 psi MG60025BSP14U-LR MG6F0025BSP14H-LR
0...40 bar / 0...580 psi MG60040BSP14U-LR MG6F0040BSP14H-LR
0...60 bar / 0...870 psi MG60060BSP14U-LR MG6F0060BSP14H-LR
0...100 bar / 0...1450 psi MG60100BSP14U-LR MG6F0100BSP14H-LR
0...160 bar / 0...2320 psi MG60160BSP14U-LR MG6F0160BSP14H-LR
0...250 bar / 0...3625 psi MG60250BSP14U-LR MG6F0250BSP14H-LR
0...400 bar / 0...5801 psi MG60400BSP14U-LR MG6F0400BSP14H-LR
0...600 bar / 0...8702 psi MG60600BSP14U-LR MG6F0600BSP14H-LR

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