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Hydraulics digital pressure gauge

Hydraulic digital pressure gauge - DM80

The digital pressure gauges of the DM 80 product family are suitable for digital measurement and display of pressures in hydraulic systems, especially for oils and water. Depending on the version, the devices can display current measured values as well as min. and max. values with an accuracy of 0.5 % of full scale. 

The DM 80 digital pressure gauges are available individually or as part of a complete test kit. They are very robust, reliable, stable over time and easy to use. In addition, the digital pressure gauges have an integrated high-performance rechargeable battery or are battery-powered and allow the pressure readings not only to be displayed but also to be stored.

  • Standard delivery with 3-point factory calibration certificate
  • Display with bar graph, drag pointer and peak value display
  • Min / max display
  • Rotatable display with backlight
  • Easy reading through 16mm digit height
Pressure areas Item number
-1...+16 bar MDM080G12U_LR001016 
-1…+25 bar MDM080G12U_LR001025
0…+60 bar MDM080G12U_LR000060
0…+100 bar MDM080G12U_LR000100 
0…+250 bar MDM080G12U_LR000250
0…+400 bar MDM080G12U_LR000400 
0…+600 bar MDM080G12U_LR000600 
0…+1000 bar MDM080G12U_LR001000 
0…+2500 bar MDM080G12U_LR002500

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